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jom guling2 kat sini. :D! let's we shared our stories, feelings.. sharing is caring tau.. sila tinggalkan pesanan di shoutmix yaa.We may not be aware, but let us remember that Allah is watching us always :)

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tell me please..

lagu ni buat aku teringatkn kat something. bila aku bace lirik dy, cm kene pulak ngn story aku. huk2. 

SHOW ME THE MEANING- backstreet boy

Show me the meaning of being lonely
So many words for the broken heart
It's hard to see in a crimson love
So hard to breathe
Walk with me, and maybe
Nights of light so soon become
Wild and free I could feel the sun
Your every wish will be done
They tell me

Show me the meaning of being lonely
Is this the feeling I need to walk with
Tell me why I can't be there where you are
There's something missing in my heart

Life goes on as it never ends
Eyes of stone observe the trends
They never say forever gaze upon me
Guilty roads to an endless love (endless love)
There's no control
Are you with me now?
Your every wish will be done
They tell me


There's nowhere to run
I have no place to go
Surrender my heart, body, and soul
How can it be
You're asking me
To feel the things you never show

You are missing in my heart
Tell me why can't I be there where you are?

thanks youuuu. :)

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