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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

who will be "HIM" ?

okay, tak tau ni lagu zaman abad ke berape. entah2 aku belum lahir tak? haha. seriously tak tau. get from novel. thanks to hllovate. this is the best bro. :D
ade tak Edwin mccain versi malaysia n muda punye? ade tak ade tak? ngaaa... nk number fon? haha.
i wish, someone will sing this song to me. so sweeeeeett. ngee.. except justin bieber okay. even dy nyanyi sesedap mne pon lgu  ni, still tak boleh cairkn hati konkrit aku ni. haha. who is the prince charming will be sing this to me ? haha*perasan tahap melangit!!*kasi penampar sikit.! papppp! okay. normal.

i'll be your crying shoulder
i'll be love suicide
i'll be better when i'm older
i'll be the greatest fan of your life

thanks youuuu. :)

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